• Harvesting

    Kinnow for export is produced in Global Gap certified Orchards in Pakistan. Kinnows are carefully selected from the orchards

  • Sorting

    Modern post harvest facilities are in place to sort and select the export qulaity Kinnows. Only the best quality fruit is brought to the rocessing facility using robust transportation

  • Processing

    Post Harvest Handling is conducted in modern HACCP certified pack house. AB AGRIGROW ENTERPRISES holds the ISO22000 certification from Bureau Veritas. Automated sorting of the fruit is furthur conducted and then it is processed by washing, waxing, polishing and grading

  • Polishing

    Clean and processed kinnows are then polished and furthur sorted

  • Packaging

    Export packaging of kinnow is done in robust corrugated boxes of 5, 7, 10 or 13 kg specifications. Box design and customization depends on clients's demand and order. Cold treatment is mandatory after fruit processing to meet international standards

  • Export

    Kinows are shipped in pre cooled referigerated 40ft containers. Certified Cold Chain transportation and shipping lines are used for fruit export. Shippng lines can be customised as per customer demand

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