Cara Cara Red Navels


When you combine the classic flavor of a Florida Navel Orange with a brilliant shade of red, you get the perfect orange treat: Florida Scarlet Navel Oranges. Evoking Florida sunsets, Florida Scarlet Navel Oranges are red Cara Cara Navels that make a wonderfully festive gift.

Like the more familiar Golden Navels, Scarlet Navels are seedless, thin-skinned and easy to peel and section.

The Florida Scarlet Navel Orange is great for hand eating and fresh ruby orange juice. When used for juice they should be fresh-squeezed right before drinking for the best flavor and highest Vitamin C content.


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Navel Orange Juice

Squeezing up some fresh juice? Navels are a great choice! There’s nothing as refreshing as fresh-squeezed OJ…. it really tastes nothing like the kind you get in a carton or reconstitute from a can. Because several oranges go into a glass of juice, it’s also a concentrated source of vitamin C and healthful antioxidants, and provides a good dose of magnesium, potassium, and folate. Due to the unique properties of navel orange juice, however, it should be consumed within a few hours of squeezing for best quality. So, make sure you enjoy this special treat soon after you make it–not that this is likely to be a problem.

Nutritional Information for Florida Navel Oranges

One navel orange, approx. 3″ in diameter, contains:

  • 1 g protein
  • 11.6 g carbohydrates
  • 2.4 g dietary fiber
  • 65 mg calcium
  • 283 mg potassium
  • 26 mg phosphorus
  • 340 IU vitamin A
  • 105 mg vitamin C
  • 86% water



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